Villapark Lipno Dreams


The Czech Repubic has approximately 10 million inhabitants. The Lipno lake area makes part of the South Bohemian region which borders both germany and Austria. This area belongs to the least populated areas of the country.

The czech Republic has joined the European Union and it is expected that the Euro will be introdcued around 2012. At this moment the Czech Crown is still the official currency. In many touristic destinations Euros are already accepted. The exchange rate varies, but is approximately (1 € / ± 27,5 CZK).

The official language is Czech, which is a Slavic language. German and/or English however is widely spoken. The road network in this area is generally in good condition. Petrol stations are common. A liter fuel costs about one euro per liter.

The capital Prague has about one million inhabitants and lies at a dsitance of about 200km. A day trip to this city is definitely worth the effort. Also Vienna is about 2 hrs by car.

The South Bohemian region mixes nature and culture in a delightful way. The air is crisp and pure and the region is generously covered with green forests.