Villapark Lipno Dreams


South Bohemia is a beautiful area with lots of small rivers and streams and generously dotted with both smaller and larger lakes. It is located between Prague and the Austrian border. It offers many picturesque villages and towns. The area is characterized by the presence of magnificent natural beauty which you are easily able to explore by means of the extensive network of footpaths and bicycle tracks.

History has left behind many special treasures for you to discover. The absolute highlight of it is Cesky Krumlov. A village which lies approximately 20 km from the Lipno lake. Cesky Krumlov is protected by Unesco as a world cultural heritage site. None of the other Bohemian towns offers so much medieval architecture and it is for that reason that people often refer to this town as "Little Prague".

The other South Bohemian villages are also gifted with large amounts of culutural heritage. Examples are the medieval market square of Ceske Budejovice (also known for its well-known "Budweiser" brewery), the medieval town of Trebon, Jindichuv Hradec, Bedhyne and Tabor. Moreover the area offers many castles, most of them are open for visitors and offer guided visits and tours.

Nature in this area is particularly famous for its Lipno lake and the Šumava forest. The latter of which has the status of National Park.

Lipno lake
This lake is the first in sequence of the artificial barrier lakes along the stream of the Moldau river. The Lipno lake stretches 42 kilometers and offers all kinds of watersports such as swimming, windsurfing, sailing, rowing, canoeing and fishing. The villages along the shores of the lake, Horní Planá, Cerná v Pošumaví, Frymburk and Lipno are all interconnected by bus- and boat services and all possess several campgrounds and beaches. The most of these towns offer organised canoe-, walking-, bicycle- and horseriding tours.

Šumava forest
The Šumava forest is well known among nature lovers. Also for many tourists it has become a popular holiday destination during both summer- and wintertime. Not so long ago the whole area was a military terrain so the industry has never had a chance to settle here. Walking- and bicycle tracks are surprisingly well signposted, so both hikers as well as bicyclists can enjoy and explore the natural beauty this region has to offer.

The Czech Republic has a continental climate. Generally speaking, this means dry warm summers and cold winters with lots of snow. Because of the elevation of the Lipno area the temperatures in winter can drop to very deep levels. And minima of -10 degrees celcius or lower are not uncommon. The Lipno Lake will generally be covered with layers of ice.

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